About the Author

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to get to know me a little better. I hope that my website is able to be a great resource for you!

Background about my family:

I am a daughter to two amazing parents. They both have chosen to dedicate their life to better education for teachers and students. My father is an assistant principal for an intermediate school. My mother is an outreach director for a non-profit organization called, The Science House. They are constantly working to serve others, which inspired me to serve a community worldwide. I also have an amazing little sister in high school.  She is extremely intelligent, logical, empathetic, and I strive to have her calculated wit.

I am two years in to dating my amazing man. He is a plumber, a fisherman, and an amazing guitar player. We also have a little mountain fiest named Henry James, or as we lovingly refer to him, Poopy James. Henry loves to roll in anything smelly, which is how he earned his nickname.

We are a Disney loving, loud laughing, mountain living, good eating, kind of family.

Legacy Photo
This is the most recent picture of us all together! It was taken about 3 years ago, we aren’t very good about having family pictures made. Can anyone else relate?

My Man, and Henry James

Background about my education and career:

I am a recent graduate of culinary school! I have and associates degree and a degree in culinary arts. I love everything about the hospitality industry. I have been in the industry for 8 years. At the age of  13, while I was in high school, I starting interning at a local restaurant. It was an experience I would recommend to any high schooler thinking they would be interested in starting a career in hospitality. It gives you a glimpse of the stress, responsibility, and devotion that the industry requires. ” If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”! It is true in so many aspects. Hospitality is one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding jobs, and I love every bit of it. Right now I am a Culinary Instructor for a non-profit called Aspire Youth and Family. I am specifically involved with their program Kids at Work!. Kids at Work is a diversion program for at risk youth that are apart of the juvenile justice system. I love my 9-5 job as it provides me the opportunity to serve my community through serving my communities youth.

Background about my health:

In August 2018, my mom was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. An autoimmune disease that causes your body to attack your thyroid. When she learned about the symptoms and the common misdiagnosis of hypothyroidism, she quickly started to talk to her mother, and me. My mom’s mother, developed a tumor on her thyroid resulting in her having to get part of her thyroid removed. This is a common symptom of un-properly treated Hashimoto’s. My grandmother’s TPO levels were never checked, she also may have Hashimoto’s

In 2015 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), generalized anxiety disorder, and depression. At that time I was placed on birth control, metformin, prozac, and sleeping pills. I have reduced my prescriptions to just birth control. In October of 2018, I decided to be proactive about my mother’s diagnosis and have some blood work done. What I found was bittersweet. I do not have Hashimoto’s currently. However, I possible adrenal fatigue, which is a pre-Hashimoto’s symptom. I have low free T3 levels and low T3 uptake levels. This means that I am having a hard time converting T4 into T3, and my cells are not absorbing T3 either. My adrenal response and my T3 levels go hand and hand. Cortisol, which is the product of an adrenal response, can block the receptors for your T3, this causes fatigue because your cells are not receiving.

In summary, I do not have Hashimoto’s but I more than likely have the gene since my mother has it, and because I am already exhibiting some early thyroid symptoms. I have an opportunity that a lot of people with Hashimoto’s don’t have. I have the opportunity to prevent this disease. I could choose to live extravagantly, ignore my stress levels, and eat whatever I want, but I won’t. I have the chance to hopefully prevent this gene from ever turning on. I also have this chance to support my mother, and journey along side her. We are both working towards preventing, or remission of Hashimoto’s. To do this we are both researching, partnering with a specialist, and digging in to all-things Hashimoto’s.

Me, Momma, and Mimi. We had just gotten rained on. We were headed to Ohana, at the Polynesian Resort at Disney, for dinner!

Thank you for reading XOXO,

Hashimoto’s Heiress


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